When it rains, it pours

Growing up this was a common saying around our house, and once again it proves true.  It’s been an exciting month, Ive met some great people, interested in my cause.  People want to return to sustainability, gain freedom, and remember the past.  The Cajun culture I knew growing up was one that didn’t waste a thing, without this mentality much of our culture wouldn’t exist, one word sums this up, boudin.

I was also featured in a local paper “The Independent”, I got my first product on local shelves, and working on some other ideas for providing local gardeners with some innovative nouveau opproaches to improve soil and yield while reducing local waste, and keeping our bayous clean.

We may not be able to grow everything we need in our city lawns, first we can grow what we can not buy.  Nothing’s more fresh than picked off the front porch, put your insect problems in the yolks, grow your own fertilizer and animal feed, nothings more local and rewarding.

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