Stairway entrance edible landscaping

For this entrance we used a pair of pomegranates just in front of the stairs. These will drape with fruit, and resemble crape myrtle shape. Lavender and hummingbird plant were used up front to invite beneficials, the silver foliage is a nice contrast.

A ring of blueberries to the left, easy to pick, right on the edge of the bed. Just off the banister we used bay laurel(bay leaf) in cone topiary form. These will get as big as Christmas trees, robbing the attention in winter, since the deciduous plants in front of them will be bare. 3 different varieties of grapes will grow up the stair case. Under the stairs we utilized shade loving herbs and hummingbird attracting plants, we left a path to include storage. A brick path will be added later under stairs. Like our other landscapes, this one will most likely triple in size in the first year, producing ample blueberries the very first year!

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