Rabbit Deuce Natural Fertilizer

How do you fertilize your garden and landscape?  I’ve come up with a sustainable way to naturally fertilize & show off your green thumb.  Local rabbit deuce (manure) will power your crops and blooms beyond your expectations.  There’s a number of reasons why this is the best material to use.  Rabbit deuce (manure) is loaded with more nutrients than other manures, yet it doesn’t burn plants, so it can be used immediately without composting.  Since it’s pelltized, its a natural time release source of nutrients.  It’s bagged by local rabbit farmers, I pay them well for this service.  Now they can turn a chore into a little more profit, your money stays in your community making this far more econimically sustainable than commercial chemical fertilizers.  Rabbit deuce (manure) can be tilled in, or simply applied to the top of your soil, this is known as layering or lasagna gardening.  If layering, I’d suggest adding mulch after, they’ll both break down into a rich hummus over the next year.  I carry pine straw bales (locally baled) for this purpose.  Each bag has 7 gallons of manure inside, and will cover a 4×6 bed (24 square feet).