Support a local farmer and save a cypress — buy Pine Straw Mulch today!

Why Pine Mulch?

Using a pine mulch helps to dramatically reduce weed pressure and to maintain soil moisture. These benefits will reduce labor, time, help conserve water, and create an environment for healthy plants.

Why Pine Straw Mulch?

Pine straw mulch is locally sourced and the sustainable mulch choice for Louisiana. It is also one of the best mulches for your plant’s overall health. Many garden centers sell wood mulches or even cypress mulches which are bad news for your plants and for the environment.

What’s the Deal with Wood Mulches?

Wood mulches tie up nitrogen in your soil and prevent your plants’ roots from accessing this vital nutrient. What’s even worse is that using cypress mulch contributes to deforestation of cypress forests that are sorely in need of regeneration. These trees are part of our heritage and are an essential part of the ecosystem in the bottomland swamp. You can read more about illegal cypress logging here at Atchafalaya Basinkeeper’s Cypress Campaign.

Pine Straw Mulch Bale: $8

Pine Straw Mulch Bale Delivery: $9/bale

(8 bales minimum, Lafayette, LA only)

Area Coverage

Each bale measures 14x14x18, this compressed bale of pine straw will cover 60 square feet well.