EcoVia EC

EcoVia EC is a highly effective insecticide made of botanical oils and is excellent for controlling mosquitoes and other pests.

This product is backed by scientific research to bring you an extremely effective, super safe, and easy-to-use insecticidal spray. Unlike most other botanical oil products, this one is emulsified, meaning the concentrate will stay mixed evenly in water—this is especially important for use in automatic systems.

EcoVia has a very powerful scent which is excellent at repelling mosquitoes and it tends to hold up better during rain events than some other options out there.

3 oz per gallon is an adequate amount for mosquito applications and it can be easily applied with a pump, battery or back pack sprayer. It also works great in automated sprayer systems.

“My initial response when I first used EcoVia was, “Wow, that smells nice!” which was quickly followed by an impressed smile when I witnessed lifeless mosquitoes dropping out of the shrubbery I had just sprayed.” – Marcus Descant, Owner of Urban Naturalist


Natural Mosquito Barrier

Mosquito barrier is a concentrated garlic spray barrier which kills and repels mosquitos from large areas for weeks at a time.

This Natural Mosquito Repellent mixture contains concentrated garlic and preservatives which is 99.3% garlic, .5% citric acid, and .2% potassium sorbate. This mixture is completely safe for humans, animals, and also bees and butterflies.

The spray will last up to a month at least but like any product, will dissipate with heavy rain and need to be re-applied.

1 quart, $29.99, covers up to 1 acre

1 gallon, $84.99, covers up to 4 acres

16 oz, $44.99, covers up to 1 acre

64 oz, $124.99, covers up to 5 acres