March – Turf Maintenance Plans

“What makes My turf maintenance plans so sustainable and effective?     Because They’re modeled after natural grasslands.”

At the moment some of us are wondering what’s a weed and what’s not.  That’s a great question, it depends on what you designate a weed.  Some weeds will only be here a short time, many spring weeds don’t survive after May.  Focusing on fertilization, and setting up a perfect eco-system for your specific lawn grass(St. Augustine, Centipede, etc.)will ensure the best results.  High mowing is a must in ANY situation, this is also advised by the LSU Ag Center, 3-4 inches for St. Augustine.  This will encourage deeper roots reducing water needs, choke out weeds naturally, while improving disease resistance, and SLOWING growth rate.  Grass isn’t like your hair, if you cut it short, it grows faster in effort to repair itself.

In a grass land, proteins are deposited from plants and animals, these are converted into nitrogen by micro-organisms.  I don’t use ammonia nitrates, they’re water soluble, so most of your money runs down the drain and becomes pollution.  I find it much more effective to mimic nature, high protein meals are added to the lawn, then a coating of Sweet Relief stimulates soil microbes, supplying nitrogen locally, and on demand.

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