Landscape examples

Although these start out unassuming, in just 1 month these plants will begin to fill this area with unique function.

1. Is in deep shade, we used fire spike and van houti salvia in the back to offer a lush 3′ wall that attracts hummingbirds. Butterfly weed takes care of monarchs, dill, fennel, and parsley all serve dual functions in kitchen and with butterflies. Various thymes line the edges, encouraging the user to step in, maybe bare foot to access a variety of herbs. Our native Beaty berry and spice bush also serve wildlife and provide interesting color. Pineapple guava make great shade loving evergreens that fruit.

2. Has more sun, so we planted blueberries along edge, these will be bare in a few months so Swiss chard and various kales are behind them. Thornless blackberries will climb the stair rail, and malibar spinach is climbing the tree.

3. Opposite angle of 1

4. Several thousand of my closest friends are added to manage the soil.

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