My Kind of Annual Plant

I plant sun flowers around the garden for several reasons, this year I used mammoth variety, this amazing 12′ tall plant reaches this height in just 90 days.  The first reason for this annual plant is for pollinators and beauty, we tend to have similar taste to bees when it comes to blooms.  Next benefit is for wild life/chicken/people feed, and trap plant.  During the last stage of this annual birds will flock to it for a snack, or you can give it to your chickens (cracked) another neat thing is how much leaf-footed stink bugs love this plant in this stage, instead of your tomatoes.  This is a great opportunity to take em out, large groups of them sun bathe around the blooms, I used a combination of orange oil (2oz), and molasses (2oz mix with 26oz water) to kill them.  Because you will be spraying this stuff up, and possibly into the wind, I recommend using something that can’t effect you, this is safe for us, but will kill any bug that’s sprayed.  Happy hunting, don’t worry about pollinators, they won’t be visiting the flowers at this stage, their job is done.

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