Curved trellis panel


10 months ago we installed our first food forest for Bill Goode. He took a leap of faith, allowing us to do something very different with his office landscape. Now we have his and a few other great examples to study when we maintain them. This garden has done amazing this season. All fruit trees have tripled in size, blueberries were loaded, strawberry plants sprawl in front. Since the ground level is so occupied, we’re constructing custom trellis structures to support climbing plants.

Going up. If there’s one thing we strive to do, it’s maximize space. We added a curved trellis wall to the food forest downtown. Using a curve maximizes surface area of the trellis, while making the picking height more comfortable.

This curve also adds strength, and looks very cool. A stainless steal cable anchors it to the wall. It’s strong enough for a 200lb guy to walk around on, yet designed to look minimalistic.

This feature will host many different climbing plants through the seasons. We can also make arches, tunnels, and a butterfly (2 curves opposing each other).

#verticalgardening— at The Goode Law Firm APLC

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