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Cedar planting bed box with trellis

For this back yard, we constructed a nice 2’x2′ raised cedar bed. We made a retractable trellis that lies flat when not in use. We used a combination of galvanized metal and aluminum for long life. This is light enough to lock into place with one hand, yet build to support even the heaviest plants. In front, a 3 fingered citrus bed is also planted with greens and a bay as a center piece. This shape provides ample surface area for picking, while properly spacing out the trees.

Brick & Spoon Rosemary hedge

Spacing Rosemary properly creates an incredible hedge without all the disease problems we see in boxwood. This functional alternative will make a full hedge within a year, while there’s space we’ll add some crisp mint lettuce. Check out this progressive little restaurant if you’re looking for a great meal made from local ingredients.

These guys have an impressive garden which always finds itself on the menu. Visit their page for mapping. This location will change into Dark Roux in January, taking their artisan approach to higher level. — at Brick & Spoon Lafayette.

Edible entrance landscaping

For the front of this home, we used a number of different plants, to create a truly, Utilitopian Entrance. This new construction is in full sun with very compacted soil. We elevated the area 8″ with nice soil mixed with rabbit manure. Hedge rows of Rosemary greet with a powerful aroma and a formal display. 7 blueberries occupy the right bed with a strawberry ground cover.

We used a pair of coned bays and a pair of pineapple guava as evergreen focal points with a purpose. A wide assortment of colorful kale and lettuce will fill in fast, they replace annual flowers, placed in easily pickable spots. Expect some amazing follow up pictures as the vegetables fill in.

Cottage Garden backyard food forest

Cottage Garden: Our goal here was to maximize the space while still feeling humble and engaging. Blueberries and citrus are easy to access. An already booming vegetable garden we put in 3 weeks ago occupies the sunniest spot. We had to remove this crepe myrtle to bring in another 4 hours of full sun to the area, but it will be worth it.

We custom built these curved trellises to the size of the lady who will be picking the blackberries. The entire landscape was raised 8″ before beginning. This gives us the opportunity to bring in soils which drain well and retain nutrients well. Thus expanding the palette of plants we can easily grow here. The flowers we’re growing out for this project will be ready and added soon.

Curved trellis panel


10 months ago we installed our first food forest for Bill Goode. He took a leap of faith, allowing us to do something very different with his office landscape. Now we have his and a few other great examples to study when we maintain them. This garden has done amazing this season. All fruit trees have tripled in size, blueberries were loaded, strawberry plants sprawl in front. Since the ground level is so occupied, we’re constructing custom trellis structures to support climbing plants.

Going up. If there’s one thing we strive to do, it’s maximize space. We added a curved trellis wall to the food forest downtown. Using a curve maximizes surface area of the trellis, while making the picking height more comfortable.

This curve also adds strength, and looks very cool. A stainless steal cable anchors it to the wall. It’s strong enough for a 200lb guy to walk around on, yet designed to look minimalistic.

This feature will host many different climbing plants through the seasons. We can also make arches, tunnels, and a butterfly (2 curves opposing each other).

#verticalgardening— at The Goode Law Firm APLC

Stairway entrance edible landscaping

For this entrance we used a pair of pomegranates just in front of the stairs. These will drape with fruit, and resemble crape myrtle shape. Lavender and hummingbird plant were used up front to invite beneficials, the silver foliage is a nice contrast.

A ring of blueberries to the left, easy to pick, right on the edge of the bed. Just off the banister we used bay laurel(bay leaf) in cone topiary form. These will get as big as Christmas trees, robbing the attention in winter, since the deciduous plants in front of them will be bare. 3 different varieties of grapes will grow up the stair case. Under the stairs we utilized shade loving herbs and hummingbird attracting plants, we left a path to include storage. A brick path will be added later under stairs. Like our other landscapes, this one will most likely triple in size in the first year, producing ample blueberries the very first year!

Landscape examples

Although these start out unassuming, in just 1 month these plants will begin to fill this area with unique function.

1. Is in deep shade, we used fire spike and van houti salvia in the back to offer a lush 3′ wall that attracts hummingbirds. Butterfly weed takes care of monarchs, dill, fennel, and parsley all serve dual functions in kitchen and with butterflies. Various thymes line the edges, encouraging the user to step in, maybe bare foot to access a variety of herbs. Our native Beaty berry and spice bush also serve wildlife and provide interesting color. Pineapple guava make great shade loving evergreens that fruit.

2. Has more sun, so we planted blueberries along edge, these will be bare in a few months so Swiss chard and various kales are behind them. Thornless blackberries will climb the stair rail, and malibar spinach is climbing the tree.

3. Opposite angle of 1

4. Several thousand of my closest friends are added to manage the soil.

Cindy’s Backyard Food Forest

February of 2014, Urban Naturalist constructed a food forest in a private backyard for Cindy. Cindy requested her lawn be transformed into a diversely beautiful landscape that would produce food and also create a haven for wildlife.

Converting this bland patio space into a great edible and aromatic experience

This week, we’ll be converting this bland patio space into a great edible and aromatic experience! A hedge row of rosemary up front will provide order and a flood of fragrance. Accents like lemon grass and lavender will work well with the theme. Once in the yard, the bed looks completely different, easy access to vegetables and herbs give it an incredibly functional feel. We also included many provisions for wildlife in the design, butterfly attractants and host plants are centralized since we don’t need to access them. A pair of citrus block sunlight, making this a more pleasant place to sit!