edible landscaping Lafayette LA

Locally owned in Lafayette, Louisiana — Urban Naturalist provides edible landscaping services, safe pest control options, and operates a retail garden center too.

Our mission is rooted in sustainability. We aim to create healthier landscapes for families, communities, and ecosystems within the urban setting.


We specialize in alternative urban landscapes which are beautiful and functional. We follow rigorous methods and use a plant palette that includes only edible, native, or wildlife-attracting plants.

These landscapes produce food, are bio-diverse, and provide ecological benefits to the urban ecosystem such as creation of beneficial habitat for native species, promote stormwater infiltration, and prevent soil loss.

Our landscaping services include consultation, planning, installation, and maintenance of gardens. We work in many types of landscapes or hardscapes like private home gardens, restaurant gardens, public spaces such as parks, schools, and all types of urban settings.


Urban Naturalist offers the most effective and safe solutions to take care of your pest problems. We offer professional application service for many exterior pests and also sell many of the products we use online and locally at our Garden Center.

As a professional licensed applicator, Urban Naturalist provides subscription services to solve your pest problems with the safest possible methods. This drastically reduces you and your family’s exposure to pesticides with our team of experienced professionals.

Because many of our products are safe enough for you to DIY, we offer many of our products for sale online and locally at our Garden Center.


Our Garden Center sells many varieties of edible, native, and wildlife-attracting plants including vegetables, herbs, bushes, vines, and trees. Everything we carry has multiple functions within the landscape.

Some of what we carry at our Garden Center:

  • a variety of edible, native, and beneficial plants
  • heirloom transplants and seeds
  • rabbit poop(fertilizer)
  • pine straw mulch
  • worm composting bins and starts (vermicomposting)
  • safer pest control options
  • non-toxic cleaning supplies